About Egaa Gymnasium

Egaa Gymnasium is a new, modern secondary school located in a northern suburb of Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city.

Aarhus is a charming port city with a historic downtown and various cultural attractions including theaters, various music venues, a lively café district and so much more. There are approximately 370.000 inhabitants in the greater Aarhus metro area.

Approximately 50.000 students at 9 colleges and university-level institutions have chosen to study here. In addition, several national and international corporations have a base of operations in the Aarhus area, such as Vestas, Sealand Container and Maersk, just to name a few.

Click on the following link to discover more about Aarhus and what it has to offer: http://www.visitaarhus.com/

International cooperative efforts

Egaa Gymnasium is actively involved in various international cooperative efforts. We are a member of the UNESCO network and participate in their subsidiary programs: Transatlantic Slave Trade, Baltic Sea Project and World Heritage.

At present we have partner schools in Tanzania, France, the United States of America, Germany, Mexico and Spain. If you would like to hear more about our school, please contact our Director of International Relations, Lone Pløger Thoft, at lt@egaa-gym.dk.

A little something for everyone

Egaa Gymnasium offers a little something for everyone in the form of various student clubs, extra-curricular activities and school-sponsored and supported initiatives to provide additional enrichment for our students. For example, Egaa Gymnasium actively supports our students’ interest in participating in nation-wide competitions such as “Young Scientist”, “Samf-Cup” (a competition for extra enrichment in the Social Sciences) and a Language Cup (for students taking Spanish, French or German as their second language).

Participation in nation-wide mathematics competitions is encouraged, and we offer a voluntary Study Café twice a week to provide students with extra help in a variety of subjects. We support music and the arts through our choir programs and our Big Band.

Every year our students puts on a musical involving the cooperative efforts of drama, art, music, dance and media studie. The result is an entertaining, high-quality performance! Student bands are so lucky as to be able to book a private studio to practice their music. Students can also participate in the “Egaa Cup” to defend their classes’ honor against the rest of the school in a school-sponsored soccer competition. Local and nation-wide competitions in other sports, such as handball, are also actively supported. There’s even a Movie Club! The possibilities are virtually limitless, and our selection of extra-curricular activities varies from year to year based on student interest.

Preparing our students for further studies

Egaa Gymnasium offers a 3-year course of studies which prepares our students for further studies at the university level in Denmark or abroad. In Danish secondary schools, subjects are taught on three different levels depending on how many years of study are involved. Three-year subjects are known as “A-level” subjects, two-year subjects are labeled “B-level,” and one-year subjects are known as “C-level” subjects. In Denmark, each course of studies at the secondary level consists of individually selected major and minor subjects, as well as required obligatory courses, such as Danish, History, Physical Education, Religion and Classical Studies.

We are proud to offer numerous courses of study which provide ample enrichment possibilities in e.g. The Arts and Language Arts, the Social Sciences and/or the Natural Sciences. A typical course of study may involve, for example, Social Studies A-level, Mathematics A-level and Physics B-level or Music A-level, English A-level and Drama C-level.

All of our students take Danish, English, and a second foreign language (Spanish, French, German or Chinese), and also receive an introduction to Latin via an Introduction to Linguistics class. We also offer a wide selection of elective classes such as Information Technology, Innovation, Music, Philosophy, Art, Business Economics, Psychology, Media Studies, Latin, and Drama.

Students typically have four scheduled classes per day from 8:15 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. organized in blocks of 90 minutes. For more about the upper secondary educational system in Denmark, click here: eng.uvm.dk/Education/Upper-Secondary-Education/Four-Upper-Secondary-Education-Programmes-in-Denmark

Inspiring and engaging learning environment

Since 2005, Egaa Gymnasium has offered an inspiring and engaging learning environment for students and teachers, alike. Our staff consists of approximately 90 employees of which around 75 are teachers whose primary concern is educating our student body of over 700 students.

We are proud to offer a very dynamic, democratic and challenging learning environment for all of our students. An interesting feature of our school is its architectural lay-out – our building was designed to encourage group work and more modern teaching methodologies which are cornerstones of the ministerial reform of the Danish secondary school system of 2005.

As such, we enjoy teaching and learning in spacious classrooms as well as numerous large and small group study areas, including various nooks and crannies throughout the school, to facilitate both individual and group learning.

All of these various learning environments provide the space necessary for motivating, student-driven learning processes involving e.g. Cooperative Learning principles. State-of-the-art information technology and high-speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the school and allows us to bring the world into our classrooms and to share our ideas with the rest of the world with ease.

Educational field trips and cooperative efforts with local businesses and other institutions of learning (from local elementary schools to other secondary schools to nearby Aarhus University) are an integrated part of our curriculum.

We make every effort to build bridges between our school, the local community and the world at large – all for the educational benefit of our students.